Monday, January 23, 2006


My mom went to the zoo, and took this penguin picture!!!
It is a routine event that penguins walk around zoo with their keepers, and visitors look at them. It is very cute that penguins walk with a waddle.
This zoo is the biggest in Japan and there are many rare animals such as sea bears, seals, capybara, tigers, panthers, and pongo etc.
It is famous for the unique way to display animals. They are displayed like they are living in nature as possible...
I haven't been there, but I wanna go there someday!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Coming-of-Age Day

You can see my cat, Pickey under my foot :D Hehe....

Yesterday, January 9th is "Coming-of-Age Day"!!!! :)
In Japan, 20 years old is identified as adults! This day, every year, people celebrate new 20-year-old people :D!!! This year, I am a one of new 20-year-old people!! (Actually, I am still 19, but people who were born in from April in 1985 to March in 1986 are new 20-year-old people! And I was born in March in 1986)
New 20-year-old people usually wear kimono on the day! This custom is very traditional ;)
Of course, I also wore kimono :) It is my first time to wear kimono because kimono is very expensive and it is difficule and troublesome to put on kimono :P My kimono is my mom's and very expensive!!! (Maybe I can buy several cars if I sell it)
My favorite part of kimono is obi! Obi means Japanese belt for kimono!
I wore kimono and participated in ceremony for us :) I saw many old friends there and it was very interesting.....but it was snowy and it was so cold :P
Anyway, I wanna wear kimono once again!!!!!