Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Coming-of-Age Day

You can see my cat, Pickey under my foot :D Hehe....

Yesterday, January 9th is "Coming-of-Age Day"!!!! :)
In Japan, 20 years old is identified as adults! This day, every year, people celebrate new 20-year-old people :D!!! This year, I am a one of new 20-year-old people!! (Actually, I am still 19, but people who were born in from April in 1985 to March in 1986 are new 20-year-old people! And I was born in March in 1986)
New 20-year-old people usually wear kimono on the day! This custom is very traditional ;)
Of course, I also wore kimono :) It is my first time to wear kimono because kimono is very expensive and it is difficule and troublesome to put on kimono :P My kimono is my mom's and very expensive!!! (Maybe I can buy several cars if I sell it)
My favorite part of kimono is obi! Obi means Japanese belt for kimono!
I wore kimono and participated in ceremony for us :) I saw many old friends there and it was very interesting.....but it was snowy and it was so cold :P
Anyway, I wanna wear kimono once again!!!!!