Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm back:D!

Sorry not for updating my blog these days:) I was busy at part-time job and I have a cold now....That's terrible!! OMG!!!
I feel in many places, that Christmas season has come:D There are a lot of pretty chirstmas trees...!! Very cute:) I wonder why Japanese people cereblate is popular for Japanese people to be with boyfriends or girlfriends on Christmas Day. But I like being with my family;)!!!
By the way, I went to a theater near my house:D! There, I found monsters as big as life sizes of "Monster's Ink."!!! They were so cute:)!! I didn't notice that signs said "Don't touch them!", and I touched a lot:P
And then, I found a pretty Japanese mom-and-pop candy store!!! It looked old style;) I like Japanese *dagashi more than modern sweets such as cakes because I don't like too sweet food. Dagashi means Japanese traditional cheap and small sweets for children, and they can buy dagashi by only 10yen or 20yen. (10yen is about 10 cent) When I was a elementary school student, there was a passed-over sponge cake, and it was a whole!! My mother said "You eat it by tonight!", so I ate it at a breath.......finally I felt sick very much:( Since then, I don't often eat such cakes:P Dagashi is Japanese unique tradition:D!!