Friday, September 30, 2005

Green tea!!!!

There are many kinds of tea in Japan. I especially like *Ryokucha:) It is "Green Tea." The above pic is the view in the shop!! Green Tea has a lot of tea catechin, so it is so healthy!! Even in other countries, green tea is remarkable because of catechin, and many people drink it:) Japanese live longer thanks to lots of healthy food and beverages like green tea. For women, it is very important point here if they can make a cup of Japanese tea with *kyusu ( like right pic) well, or not. Kyusu is a tea pot to make Japanese tea:) There are a number of pretty kyusu!!! There are other delicious tea here. Next time, I introduce "Matcha" ( Hiki cha, or Green Powdered Tea in English) to you!!! Matcha is Japanese tradition:D You can look forward to reading next post;)

Monday, September 26, 2005


OMG!! My computer was broken!!!!!! I'm writing new post from the one of my school:(!! It's toooooo bad:P! I can't update my blog as I like....

Do you know Japanese *manga:)? It means "comic" in Japan. I heard that many people who are from other countries are suprised at Japanese people because children don't only read mangas, but adults also read and enjoy them!!! Japanese mangas are high quality and storytelling!!! They are like movies. Do you know why Japanese mangas are much better? I think that the most important cause is "Tezuka Osamu"!! He is the most famous cartoonist! He made many techniques of drawing mangas well. For example, he painted one page over with black ink to express main character's dispair. He also invented many other techniques, and a number of people imitated it, and, finally, Japanese mangas became developed. Tezuka Osamu was the first person who made animation.

In Japan, there are a huge number of interesting comics even for adults. If you come to Japan, you should go to a book store, and study Japanese, and read manga!!!

---Japanese word

Friday, September 16, 2005

Long time no see:D

I've not written my blog for a few weeks. But my summer vacation was over, so I can write it more from now on!!!:)I love animals:)! I often go to the Lake that is near my house, and enjoy looking wild ducks. They are so pretty!! One day, I went there with my mom, and I saw them as always. We fed a piece of bread to them, and many ducks came to us to eat food.
We found five baby ducks from them then!!! They were so fluffy, and small! So cute;D!! Those babies hung around their mom duck. We noticed that each of them had characteristic. The biggest baby was very naughty, and he always chased water striders to eat! The second biggest baby was naughty too, and he always headed their procession. The medium-sized baby was curious, and he always went somewhere, so his mom had to look for him any time. The second smallest baby was cleanly, and she always mended her hairs. The smallest baby loved her mom, and she imitated her mom's behavior.
They were very friendly, and they approached us. I wanted to touch them, but their mom watched me with a pierchin look, so that I couldn't. But I could watch them under my eyes:)!! To see them, I and my mom haunted the Lake once a week!!
They became bigger and bigger, but the number of them reduced after three weeks....we could only see two babies. I wondered why. I guessed that someone picked them up, and took them to their houses. I asked managers why. He said, "Oh, I think that some crows catched and ate them...that's terrible." I was shocked and I was about to become to hate crows!!! But I thought that crows ate them to's difficult problem.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Adopted Chidren

It's so cute, isn't it??
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In Japan, it is VERY RARE to adopt children because of some prejudices. Most people think that there are lots of problems of such family....Actually, adoption is sometimes severely criticized by the public here. I think that Japanese people have strong prejudices because they have lived in small and isolated island.
I met one family when I was 12 years old. This family's father is an American and mother is a Japanese. They lived in Japan, and they had five children. Two of them was their real child, but three of them was adopted by orphans' home in Japan. It was the first and the last time to see adopted children in my 19-year life in Japan.
They loved each other and treated just as they were. The couples said to me, "The most important thing is not blood, but love. Japanese people's prejudices are wrong. It is natural that couples who need their own child adopt children who need their own parents. Of course, there are a few problems, but no family have them."
The meeting with them affected and moved me. From then, I'm so interested in the problems of orphans. I'd like to change Japanese people's thought, and know about the situation of orphans over the world.
When I was a high school student, I said, "I want to adopt children in the future if I can."
My friends answered, "Why? It's so difficult!! I think that your own child is the best!!! Your future husband won't allow you to do so! You shouldn't!"
I know how difficult to change people's concept, but I'll do my best:)