Thursday, August 11, 2005


These days, I am really being crazy about one Japanese food;) It is *natto!!!! Do you know natto? I don't know if it sells in other countries, but I think that it may be strange food for non-Japanese people....but I like it!!!! ;D
*How To Make A Natto*
1, People steam soybeans.
2, They put bacteria that are called
*nattokin (the bacteria of natto) into those soybeans.
3, Soybeans are fermented.
To put it shortly, natto is fermented soybeans!!!
Natto is stringy very much , and it smells bad. If you see my pic, you can see how stringy natto is:) Besides, the taste of it is unique and strange. Of course, some people (even Japanese) hate natto very much due to its strong and strange smell, but others really like it and eat it preferably!!! Can you belive it;D!??
Maybe you are thinking now " Is it food who people eat??" Yeah!! I like it and I eat three pack of natto everyday:) Japanese people eat it in their own way. They mix it with chopsticks and make it more stringy. These strings are said to be good for bodies. The more, the better. And then, they add soy sauce (*syoyu) and mustard (*karashi) to it and maix it again. They pour it on rice (*kome), and they eat!!! In my case, I add cayenne in addition:)
It is very yummy~!!! Besides, it is very helthy for our bodies.
Finally, It makes us smart:D It's definitely true!!! Researchers said so!! I heard that a genius boy who entered a university when he was 12 years old (Wow!) ate natto everyday!!!
I think Japanese people like strange food such as natto;)
If you are brave, I'd love for you to try natto, when you come to Japan someday:D!!!

---Japanese words
*natto--description is above
*nattokin--the bacteria of natto
*syoyu--soy sauce


At 4:56 PM, August 11, 2005, Blogger tomatoma said...

Hi! haruna!
nice to meet u! :)
I'm from Sapporo!
I like natto very much!!I eat three packs of natto everyday like you!:D
I have a suggestion!!
Have you ever eaten natto with kimchi?!?!or with butter!?!?
both combinations are very Yammy!!
natto is greatest food of Japan.
try it!
If you have a brave:D

At 5:52 PM, August 11, 2005, Blogger Colin said...

I definitely will give natto a try when I come to Japan! :P

At 5:00 PM, August 12, 2005, Blogger roya parsay said...

hello I found you on lavinia's site. I like what you write and make me learn about Japan. Also I think whatever food Japenese eat is good for women cause they dont have menopause as we do here in AMerica. I ama citizen here but originally from Iran. Check my blog and leave soemcommnets from a japanese point of view. I met some at Michael jackson's trial here!

At 8:09 PM, August 12, 2005, Blogger x0lani said...


I think you have to be very brave to be Japanese. No wonder Ninjas come from Japan!

Actually, I bet it's very good once you get used to it. I was in South Korea a long time ago. When I first got there I couldn't stand kimchee (fermented cabbage), a month later I couldn't get enough of it!

At 12:02 AM, August 13, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It makes me think of Miso (which I love!) and Tempeh. Also fermented soybean products. :)

At 4:04 PM, August 14, 2005, Blogger Me said...

thanks for the invitation.....
but i am not interested in fermented soyabins.......
BTW nice post.....

At 5:56 PM, August 16, 2005, Blogger Haruna said...

Hey, thank you for everyone:)

Hi! Nice to see u too:D
Natto with butter!? Oh, it is the first time to hear that:O
That sounds strange:(
But I wanna try it!!!
Thanks for your info:)

I think you'll like natto because you like Japan very much!!!!:D
Ganbatte for eating natto!!:)

---Roya Parsay
Hi:D I just went to your blog:D Yeah!! That's right:D Japanese food is good for women:)!!! Not only dose it taste good, but also it is healthy!! I like Japanese food. There are many delicious food in Japan!!

Yeah! Japanese people are very brave!:D
Oh! I like kimchee very much!! I like it:D!!! Maybe I think you should try more fermented food:) LoL!!

I like Miso too, but I don't know about Tempeh:O Is it Indonesian food?? I wanna try it:D

Hi!! How are you doin'?
Thanks for your comment:)
I'm glad to hear that:D

At 6:13 PM, August 16, 2005, Blogger roya parsay said...

Hello, there is nothing wrong with mrs. RIce, she is a clever woman and first black woman as Secrartery of state, you should read the article,its good for your english and as a puzzle try to sort out the pages. Take care; Roya

At 3:58 PM, August 17, 2005, Blogger Lavinia said...

Actually a lot of western food is also fermented and riddled with bacteria..on purpose.

There's bacteria in cheese and yoghurt; all the alcohols like beer and wine are fermented, bread is made from yeast which is also a living creature and so on.

I'll have to try natto before I form an opinion. I love food and cooking, so I'm curious about it. It does sound interesting.

Is it cool if I put a link to your blog on my sidebar Haruna?

At 4:19 PM, August 17, 2005, Blogger Razorsedge said...

In keeping with your wish to meet people from all over the world, greetings. This from an American deployed to Iraq(but not for much longer, thankfully). I'd like to vist Japan someday too.

At 10:43 AM, August 19, 2005, Blogger YURIE said...

I like natto too!:D
It is a soooo healthy food!!!
Let's eat natto!!!!

At 6:18 PM, August 19, 2005, Blogger Colin said...

Natto! Natto! Natto! Yum!
Let's all sing the Natto song!

At 11:09 PM, August 20, 2005, Blogger Haruna said...

Hi. Mrs. Rice is very interesting woman. I tried to read her article. It was very difficult for me, but it is good for me:D
I wanna try more sifficult articles.

Really? Wow, I think I have to try western food too. It sounds nice!
In Japan, there are more and more interesting food, but they are very good!!! I wanna try strange food in the world!

Yeah!! It is cool!! I want you to put a link to my blog:D!

Hello:D Nice to see you:)
I think that you should go to Japan because it is a very good country and you can enjoy there!!!

Hey. Long time no see...What are you doing now? Are you busy for your part time job?
Let's eat natto!!!!

Wow!! That's a good idea:D
Natto!! Natto!! Yeah~(o^^o)/


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